An Odd Realization

So I was thinking about it yesterday. Now that Prince George has been born, there are three distinct generations in line for the throne of the United Kingdom; Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George. William and George are both younger than I am, while the Queen is far older, and Charles is up there, too.

When I was thinking about this, it occurred to me. I’ll likely live long enough to see Charles take the throne (likely as King George VII), and I’ll probably live long enough to see King William III. These things are both likely to happen in the next twenty to thirty years. But I likely will not be alive when King George VIII comes along. I’ll almost certainly not be alive when his child takes the throne.

It’s an odd way to realize how old I’m getting. I turned 41 this year. It will very likely be about sixty years or so before George VIII comes along. I’d have to be 101, and while that’s not impossible, especially as medical advances become more…well, medically advanced, it doesn’t seem likely.

So, yes, I’m feeling my mortality over this. What a strange way to experience such a thing.

2 Responses to “An Odd Realization”

  1. Brad Castro Says:

    You think you feel old, I’m experiencing this whole thing from a Shakespearean perspective – I’m just surprised Prince Harry never plotted to take out William before all this. Now he’s all the way down to #4.

    Things certainly settled down once the position became symbolic, that’s for sure.

    • Robert Palsma Says:

      I’ve heard a few people say that about Harry. If I were him I’d be jumping for joy! All the money, none of the actual responsibility. I wouldn’t want to be King. I’d rather be the better looking brother with the playboy lifestyle.

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