Zimbabwe: Still Sucktacular

Well, Zimbabwe. That poor country ruled by a total madman. They’ve experienced so much crap under the tyrannical reign of Robert Mugabe that it’s a wonder everyone hasn’t fled to South Africa. When your country is so fucked-up that you have to discontinue your currency after reaching an inflation rate of approximately 6.5 sextillion percent, well…something is a bit amiss.

Naturally someone such as Mugabe isn’t overly given to introspection and wondering what he might have done to help cause this problem. No, instead he channels everyone’s hatred away from him and toward…guess? Not the Jews. No, not the whites. Nope, in this case it’s the gays.

I really hate to hope for someone’s death, but to my mind, this asshole can’t die soon enough. Once he’s gone, perhaps Zimbabwe can begin the long road to recovery.


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