Bradley Manning: An Actual Hero

So I’ve written a time or two about what a cowardly pussy Edward Snowden is for fleeing the country and not accepting responsibility for what he did. I supported his actions in leaking the information, it’s just everything he did after that’s a problem.

Consider now the case of Bradley Manning. He gave thousands of documents to Wikileaks and was subsequently arrested. He didn’t flee the country. He stayed and took what was coming to him. He was charged with several different crimes, and clearly at least some of those were prosecutoral overreach. That much is obvious given that he was recently found not guilty on the “Aiding the enemy” charge, which is a very good thing

Manning still faces sentencing for the crimes he plead guilty to and the ones he was found guilty of. He will likely end up with about 20 years in prison, and that’s fine. He knew the risks, he did the right thing, and he stayed to take what was coming to him.

Realistically, he’ll likely be released within the next ten years or so. That doesn’t actually bother me much. There should be consequences in situations like this. It makes people stop and think, makes them consider whether or not they really are doing the right thing. Without the chance of consequences we could have people leaking vital security information that we really don’t need to know and that actually does really help the enemy.

I do hope Manning is released and pardoned within a few years. Until then, I hope his stay in prison is comfortable and safe, and that once he’s out, he’s treated like the hero he is.


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