Meet Your New Doctor!

(slightly NSFW)

Well, I’m seldom pleased to be so wrong. Yesterday I said this:

As for who I think it will be? Very likely a white male in his 30s who has had a decent stage career, been in a couple TV shows and maybe a movie. You will have almost certainly never have heard of him. That’s who the next Doctor will be.

So. Call me Wrong-wrongy Wrongenson (formerly Wrongenstein, but we changed our name when fleeing the Nazis). Instead of some 30 year old unknown, we get 55 year old Peter Capaldi, an Oscar and BAFTA winner.

Now Capaldi was in Doctor Who once, and also in Torchwood: Children of Earth. I’ve also seen him in Skins as well as In the Loop (see above…yes, that’s all from one movie). He’s quite an excellent actor, and having him on the series does nothing but help. I’m also very pleased they didn’t cast yet another young ‘un. It’s a weird world where I’m older than the actor playing the Doctor.

As for those who have a problem with an actor who previously was on the series returning to play the Doctor, yeah, welcome to fandom circa 1984.


2 Responses to “Meet Your New Doctor!”

  1. Susan Says:

    OK — my ears have been assaulted.

    I do have to say, he has very British teeth.

    • Chris Says:

      Interestingly, the British have some of the healthiest teeth on the planet, more so than Americans, from what I recall. However they don’t tend to go in for cosmetic stuff as much as we do.

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