The Wheat and the Chaff

The recent announcement of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor has been received very well by people like myself, my occasional partner-in-crime, Rob, many of my friends on Facebook and a great many other people who watch the show because they want a good show to watch.

Unfortunately there is a certain segment of the fanbase that is…displeased. They wanted something cute like Matt Smith or David Tennant. Someone they could safely lust after. Instead they get a Scotsman in his mid-fifties. This video kind of says it best.

That video also basically sums up my views on that kind of fan. “Fuckity-bye.” I think over the last few years, the fanbase has exploded partly because Doctor Who is a good show, and partly because it’s one of the only sci-fi shows on TV. But I cannot ignore the fact that it also exploded because Smith and Tennant are quite attractive, and also because once it became at all popular, there was a certain sort of person who just had to start liking it, too. You know the type.

I think losing a bunch of these fair-weather fans will be a good thing. I wince a bit at the idea of a store like Hot Topic carrying Doctor Who merchandise. I don’t require that it be the exclusive domain of the geek, but I do require that people who like the show like it for something other than, “ZOMG MATT SMITH IS SOOOOOOO SEXY ❤ ❤ <3".

And you know what, here's the other thing about being a serious fan of the show. I put up with what I dislike because of what I like. If they'd picked someone I thought entirely unsuited to the role, I'd still watch it, because I might be wrong. Even during the Dark Times of the new series (much of seasons two and three), I continued to watch, and if I hadn't, I would have missed some very good episodes. It's like supporting a football or baseball team. You stick with them when they lose so that you can be there when they win.

So fuckity-bye to those idiots who now refuse to watch because of Peter Capaldi, or because they hate Steven Moffat for reasons they usually can't articulate well. Go back to…oh, I don't know. I'd suggest you all become Browncoats, but even I don’t dislike Firefly that much!


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