Yet Another Reason I Won’t Go to an NFL Game

I have no real interest in going to any NFL games. I vaguely considered the idea of going to see an Arizona Cardinals game a few years ago because I’d never been to one, and I thought it might be worth trying once. Then I saw that the tickets started at around $50 each. That killed that.

Now I have a new reason not to go to any games, and that’s the new policy the NFL has put into place for “security”. Apparently one is only allowed to bring see-through plastic bags, and only small-ish ones at that. There’s also a limit on what sort of seat pads and things like that one can bring with you. This is all in the name of making people “safer”.

This does nothing to thwart terrorism. If I were a terrorist and wanted a high body count, I’d detonate inside the security line, just as I was up at the front. That way you’d kill a lot of people and not have to worry about getting inside. Heck, you wouldn’t even have to buy a ticket, so you can be a thrifty terrorist, too.

So, as usual with these kinds of things, we have something done in the name of security and making people feel safer that’s actually useless and does nothing to increase real security. So pretty much what we’ve come to expect since 9/11.


3 Responses to “Yet Another Reason I Won’t Go to an NFL Game”

  1. tokyo5 Says:

    Tickets are US$50 ?

    People say that Tokyo is expensive … but I think many things in America are more expensive!

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