Trailer Reviews – Two Tom Hanks Movies

So award season is coming up soon. With that in mind, the studios are pimping their November/December releases. Here’s two from Tom Hanks.

This looks like a fairly decent movie. I remember the events that happened just a few years ago, and the trailer seems interesting enough. However it does at least somewhat look like an action movie, which I have limited interest in. But if it’s more of a psychological thing, with him dealing with the pirate captain, that sounds like something much more palatable.

This I am substantially more interested in. First off, I had no idea Mary Poppins was a book before it became a movie. Second, I knew nothing at all, really, about the subject matter, and the trailer did a good job of telling me what the movie is about. Of the two, this is the one I expect Hanks will get nominated for, since the role is complete Oscar bait.

So, basically, these are two well-made trailers that show movies I’d quite like to see. I suppose I haven’t got much else to say about them.

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