It Begins…

So I am one measly credit shy of my associate’s degree. Joy of joys. I need to finish the semester that started today first, of course. I’m taking a non-fiction writing class, which is good, because if it was just a made-up class, that would suck (“They’re called bunk beds. I don’t why, because they actually exist”). Beyond that, I’m retaking my racial and ethnic minorities class that I failed last semester. I feel it’s generally a good idea to not have an F next to classes that apply directly to one’s major. Finally, I’m re-retaking math 91. Yes, third try’s the charm, I hope. I actually got credit for it last semester and the semester before that. But I need to move on to math 121 for ASU, and so I have to get at least a C in this class.

I’m also scaling back my hours at work. I’ll only be working two days a week, and those will be weekend days. Hopefully money will continue to pour in, plus I’ll have my money from my student loans to pay for my rent for the next few months. That will give me more time to concentrate on school. So…if all goes well, by December, I’ll have my degree. Then I just need to get math 121 and a couple of other prerequisite classes under my belt (though aren’t they actually requisite, if you have to take them to advance?), and then I’m off to ASU in the fall of next year.

I fucking hope.


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