Bat Affleck

So Ben Affleck has been picked to play Batman in the Superman and Batman movie DC thinks they’re going to make. Again, I’ll believe it when I see it in theaters. But ignoring that for a moment, it is worth noting that this casting has apparently caused the Internet’s head to explode. Beacuse, you know, Affleck is horrible and stuff, and should never play Batman. Just like how Heath Ledger was unsuited to play the Joker.

I have no real problem with this. I’m sure if the movie gets made, he’ll be acceptable in it. No, the problem I have with the movie of Batman and Superman is the movie of Batman and Superman.

See, the most recent Superman movie, Man of Steel, is the first in this continuity. It’s also the first successful Superman film since about 1982 or so. It gave DC a chance to put the character on new footing (and ended in a way that pissed off a lot of people). But rather than have a sequel that shows Superman dealing with the consequences of his actions, and setting up for another movie, we instead end up with DC throwing Batman into the mix immedidately.

This seems like a very bad idea. It shows that DC is desperate to emmulate Marvel, and I can’t entirely blame them. The recent Marvel movie has made what is technically referred to as “shit tons” of money. I can understand DC wanting to get in on that, but trying to copy Marvel’s success, and doing so half-assedly, is really not a formula for success.

It also shows that DC has a lack of faith in their material. They aren’t willing to give Superman a real chance to stand on his own before throwing him into a movie with a new Batman. That strikes me as a very bad idea. They only barely established the character of this newer, darker, largely ineffective Superman, and they already want to have him running around with a brand-new Batman. I don’t see this being a winning combination.

I’m probably wrong to an extent. Unless DC really fucks this up, it’ll make a lot of money. People will simply be happy to see Superman and Batman in a movie together, and they’ll go for that reason if no other. So I’m sure it’s going to make money, but unless it’s actually a good movie, and a really good one at that, I expect that they’ll hit diminishing returns really quick. It’s important to note that while Man of Steel did make quite a bit of money, it didn’t hit nearly the level of the first Iron Man movie. I think there’s a lot of reasons for that, but quality is certainly one of them.

Anyhow, I hope I’m wrong. I hope the movie is a critical and financial success, and leads to greater things. But I just don’t see that happening, and that’s a shame. The idea of a Batman and Superman film is a good one, but I don’t think this is a good way to do it.


One Response to “Bat Affleck”

  1. Zach Says:

    The Batman nerd in me is particularly troubled by this, for the same reasons. Afflek is a perfectly acceptable choice for Batman, but the Batman/Superman movie just seems like a bad idea.

    If Warner Bros wants its own Avengers (and really, why wouldn’t they?), they’re just cutting corners on the setup. The “detective” Batman and “superhero” Batman are effectively two different continuities, and the Nolan series was more or less in that camp. The average moviegoer is going to be jarred somewhat by Bruce Wayne’s transformation.

    DC and Marvel are pretty dissimilar outside of the fact that they both produce comic books. DC books aren’t really supposed to work together (“multiverse!”) whereas Marvel has more or less one solid continuity. DC’s animated features have been fantastic, and are worth checking out, but I just don’t see them getting Marvel-like success in the theaters with superteam-type movies.

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