Well, This All Seems Horrible

Where to begin, oh, where to begin?

First off, “an epidemic is rising”. The implication being that murders are on the rise, especially in America’s small towns…towns where you might live! Crime is down across the board, and violent crimes are down considerably. I’m not sure what “epidemic” they might think is “rising”, unless it’s a rising epidemic of low-quality TV shows (zing!).

Second, this epidemic is rising “in the places where we live, work and raise our families.” Bullshit. Most Americans live in larger cities, and not rural communities. This has been the case for quite a while, and doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon.

But thirdly, and the biggest problem here, is the basic premise. Can you imagine the legal nightmare this show will become? If I were a defense attorney, and my client had been charged with a crime because of this TV show, the first thing I’d do is subpoena all the unedited video footage and go from there, picking it over for any and all mistakes I could find. I could also make an argument about finding an unbiased jury. That argument likely wouldn’t carry any water in a courtroom, but I’d try it anyhow.

This is exploitation TV and worth absolutely nothing. Sure, it might, maybe, result in some convictions that don’t get overturned. Possibly. But I’d rather we just spend more money in the justice system to bring about more certain verdicts; ones that aren’t tied to TV ratings.

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