One Day, Zero Fast Food

Fast food employees nationwide are going out on strike tomorrow. They’re protesting the stupidly-low wages they receive. They want to get paid $15 an hour, which is what workers in Australia get paid as minimum wage. If the Aussies can handle it, so can we.

I wasn’t going to go out to eat tomorrow anyhow, but if you had plans to, or even the vague desire to do so, please don’t. Support your fellow workers in this one-day effort to help them lead better lives.

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3 Responses to “One Day, Zero Fast Food”

  1. Zane Says:

    I know it’s completely irrational but my feeling on this is “Hey, $15 is what I’ve worked up to after years as a volunteer and apprentice and with college courses. I’m a skilled worker. Suddenly I’ll be making minimum wage?”

    • Chris Says:

      Well, at that point, you can petition for an increase in pay. That usually happens with people who have incomes that end up close to minimum wage after a raise.

  2. Zane Says:

    Doesn’t really apply to me. To get more money I’d have to move to a different job. My problem is I’ve been working for an artist and relishing the freedom.

    Partly this has been hedonism but it’s also out of necessity as a single father.

    The solution for me is to move to a place where I can do work trade in lieu of rent and afford to set up my own shop to be truly self-employed rather than just nominally self-employed. Might work out to less than minimum wage, doing art. And I’ll probably be doing unskilled odd jobs as well. But I’ll be able to work from home and walk to my daughter’s school to pick her up.

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