Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

We’ve all seen the Russian dash-cam vids of that meteor hitting earlier this year. We’ve also all seen various videos of Google Glass, showing how that would work for recording daily events in our lives. Now that we have wearable cameras, Reason magazine is offering an interesting suggestion: make them mandatory for police.

I must say that there is nothing about this idea that I dislike. Too often in various instances of police misconduct, it comes down to a suspect’s claim against that of an officer, and if that suspect has been charged with something serious, well, no one is likely to listen to their claim that, say, a cop roughed them up. But if there’s video showing the event in question, then there’s no problem at all with an investigation into the officer’s conduct.

Likewise, it provides protection for the officers as they do their jobs. If someone claims they were roughed-up, but weren’t, the video camera can show that. If someone admits to a crime while an officer is wearing a camera, but later denies doing so, the camera can reveal the truth.

Really, if properly implemented with various safeguards to protect privacy, I see no down side here. Just imagine all the issues this could help resolve, like questions centering on police shootings and the like. Yeah, the more I think about this, the more I like it. Hopefully, it will happen, because there is no good reason it should not.


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