Live Blogging the President’s Remarks on Syria


5:58pm MST – Well, here we go. Keep hitting F5 to see my thoughts as we go. Given that Assad has said he’ll surrender his chemical weapons and allow verification, I’m very curious to see what the president has to say.

6:01pm – Here we go.

6:02pm – Over 100,000 have been killed…only about a thousand with chemical weapons. The vast majority not.

6:03pm – It is good to remind us why chemical weapons are so bad, however I still don’t see them as being any worse than normal weapons and I don’t see them as a reason to attack Syria in of itself.

6:05pm – It is good as well that he’s laying out exactly what we know and, to an extent, how we know it about the chemical attacks.

6:07pm – Ok, so we need to smack down Assad for using chemical weapons in order to, potentially, maybe, someday, prevent the United States from getting nuked. Not quite seeing that.

6:08pm – Well, now. He’s directly talking about the drawbacks of the Imperial Presidency. I like that.

6:09pm – Now answering questions. “Will this put us on a slippery slope to another war?” Obama says he won’t put boots on the ground or pursue an open-ended action like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Kosovo.

6:10pm – “The United States Military doesn’t do pinpricks.” Cute. However a great many other countries can indeed inflict such harm, despite what the President says.

6:12pm – I’m actually kind of ok with being the world’s policeman, as long as we’re the tough, but stern, friendly county sheriff, and not the LAPD circa 1993.

6:13pm – The vote is being postponed. Excellent. If we can get what we want without killing people, that would be just super.

6:16pm – I really hate the word “brazen”. Can we please eliminate its use?

So there we are. The arguments are laid out. My opinion remains basically unchanged. We don’t need to go out and do this all on our own if we do enter into the military option. But that said, I couldn’t be more pleased by the fact that we’re going to delay any actions or votes in Congress to give time to make a diplomatic solution happen.


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