Mass-Media Nonsense – More Mattress Mayhem!

I wrote some time back about the myth that mattresses double in weight every eight years. I haven’t heard anyone use this claim in advertising lately, so someone must have cracked down on it. However I have noticed that the mattress sellers want you to remember that claim!

So…an “eight year mistake”, eh? Two thoughts cross my mind.

First, if you buy the “wrong” mattress, ie: one that isn’t comfortable for you, why wouldn’t you return it? Most places seem to have 30 day guarantees on their mattresses. Surely within 30 days, you’d know if you got a “bad” mattress.

Second, even if you didn’t realize it until a year later, why would you continue to use it for another seven years? Why wouldn’t you just sell it and buy a new one? Or just toss it out and buy a new one? Mattresses aren’t cheap, but they aren’t that expensive, either, and a really good one can be had for around $500.

Really, this is just a silly ad campaign using the “eight years” thing to try and urge you to buy a new mattress. Unless your current mattress is no longer comfortable, don’t do that. Just relax, and sleep!


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