On the Way to a Shutdown?

Well, as CNN puts it, there’s a countdown to shutdown. In less than two hours, large portions of the federal government will temporarily shut down. This is basically due to Republicans rabidly insisting on defunding or delaying Obamacare despite the fact that there’s no way that will happen. For it to happen, the Senate would have to vote to do so and the President would then have to sign away his signature piece of legislation; legislation that wasn’t so unpopular as to keep him from being reelected.

And that’s really the problem here. The Republicans may not like to deal with reality here, but the nation voted last year to keep Obama in office; either because of, or in spite of, Obamacare. Had Romney won…well, he likely would have kept all the elements of Obamacare except the funding mechanism, but the Republicans likely wouldn’t be throwing this sort of hissy-fit about it.

Either way, the last time there was a government shut down was back in the mid 1990s, and it left the White House largely being run by unpaid interns, including a certain intern who didn’t know how to get her dress out of the way in time. Yes, that’s when that little incident happened, and the Republicans impeached Clinton over it. Neither the shutdown nor the impeachment were very popular with the American public. I thought they would have learned their lesson, but apparently not, since they’re going to try at least the shutdown once again.


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