The Shutdown Continues…

I’d like to clear up something, in case there was any doubt.

This is entirely about politics and it is entirely on the Republican side. Interestingly, it isn’t even everyone in the GOP. There are the more sane members who realize what a bad, stupid idea this is, and want to stop it quickly. But they are, sadly, being drowned out by the extremists in the party who are determined to continue to hold the government hostage until they get what they want, ie: an end to Obamacare.

That won’t happen, and as I said before, there is no reason it should happen. The law was passed several years ago. Since then we’ve had two sets of elections, including one Presidential election, and a Supreme Court ruling. This is now the law, and it’s about as settled as laws get. Yet despite that, the Republicans are determined to destroy it, either because it won’t work at all, or it will work so well, Americans will fall in love with it.

There are not two legitimate views to every issue. In this case the Republican view is that the Democrats, who won, mind you, should given in to their demands. This is not a valid viewpoint. This is the sort of viewpoint terrorists, kidnappers and other unsavory types use. Yes, I’m sure it would be nice to have the party in power kowtow to your demands, if you’re the one who isn’t in power. But in Reality Land, that isn’t something that happens.

I really do hope the Democrats stay dug-in and don’t flip on this issue. It is worth noting that when Bush was in office, we didn’t do this to him. If we had, can you imagine the hue and cry from the right wing? “Terrorists” would be the least word they’d use, and they’d likely ignore that once they discovered “treason”.

The Democrats have no reason to give in. They won the elections, they get to make and keep the law. The Republicans, especially as time goes on, have every reason to end this. The longer it goes, the worse they look.


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