Rob Schneider – Class Act

There’s a headline you don’t see often. It’s true that he’s a man of limited talent who has made several really bad career choices. Quite famously, he made one that was so bad, Roger Ebert’s review of it became rather notorious (and formed the title of a collection of negative reviews), and in fact long after the movie itself is forgotten, I’ll bet the review will live on.

To Rob Schneider’s credit, he apparently took the review to heart. First off, when he heard several years ago that Roger Ebert was very ill, he took time to send him a large bouquet of flowers; something Mr. Ebert wrote about on his blog. And then this week, Chaz Ebert published a letter Rob Schneider had written her in response to one she’d sent him. The letter is quite touching, and well-worth reading. Money quote:

As Roger once said, “Nobody starts out to make a bad movie!” But it happens. I think every movie is difficult to make but a sequel even more so. The movie I made just ended up being a series of jokes that really didn’t hold up as a story or a movie frankly and I have to live with that. Sometimes a movie actor falls for the studio notion of “Well, YOU can make it funny!” And the next thing you know you are standing in the middle of the street in Amsterdam with a bunch of male gigolos trying to figure out how the hell you got into this mess!

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