How Obamacare Increases Your Freedom

There’s a narrative from the right wing out there talking about how Obamacare crushes individual freedom under the jackboot of evil government. This is what we call “wrong”. I’m sure that most of us have either been trapped at a job, or known someone who was, because they didn’t dare leave for fear of losing their medical coverage. This is especially true with older people and those with pre-existing conditions, usually defined by the health care insurance industry as “being alive”.

Obamacare changes this. Now if you lose your job, or just leave it, you can buy insurance for a reduced rate on the free market, and they aren’t allowed to reject you for pre-existing conditions. Even if you get a new job, you can keep the insurance you have. This makes a huge difference. Jobs can’t hold people hostage any more, threatening the employees with loss of insurance if they leave. You might still stay at your sucky job for other reasons, but the sword of medical insurance will no longer be dangling over your head.

Personally, I find that freedom rather nice.

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