Two Weeks and $24 Billion Later…

The shutdown is over. Here is what the Republicans managed to do by shutting down the government.

– They cost us $24 billion, approximately

– They inconvenienced the lives of many government employees, most of whom could probably do the same job in the private sector for more money

– They weakened our standing abroad, making us look weak and indecisive, while making our creditors question our reliability

– They wrecked vacation and wedding plans for countless Americans and others who couldn’t get into our national parks and monuments

Oh, and it is worth noting that all the Republicans got in return for all this chaos and obnoxiousness was an agreement to implement income verification for Obamacare subsidies. Something that I think we can all support anyhow. Of course they also made people remember the parts of the government they like, weakened John Beohener, and strengthened the president who has, btw, spent less money than any other president since Eisenhower. All in all a dismal failure, I think we can agree.

The Republicans, and only them, did all of this solely in the name of overturning a law that was passed by the House, passed by the Senate, signed by the President who was then handily re-elected and approved by the Supreme Court. They weren’t even shy about saying that was why they were doing it.

Now I have no problem with people standing up against laws they dislike. Here is how you do it: you go through the process of getting a law revised or revoked. That process involves passing legislation. If you cannot do that, you lobby the public to elect people who are sympathetic to your cause and then change the laws. That’s the correct route.

The incorrect route is to upend the chess board, scream at the opposition, blame them for your failures and then threaten to destroy the board unless they play your way.

I really hope that in the 2014 this bites the GOP in the ass, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m sure most of them will still get reelected, given how much they’ve Gerrymandered the districts.


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