Don’t Worry; There’s a Bank Watching Your Child

Consider the following advertisement.

So the central message this father is supposed to take away from dropping his child off at college is…what? That a bank will keep an eye on his kid for him? Well, we know that banks watching out for important things have worked out very well in the past.

I really don’t understand what message BMO Harris is trying to get across here. I’m not being sarcastic or twee or anything like that; I honestly do not get it. This man is all worried about his daughter and stuff, and then he sees a message from a bank and that somehow reassures him? Banks have been notorious in the past decade or two for giving college students credit cards at a low interest rate that then explodes on them later. If I had a kid, and saw a bank approaching her as she was going into college, I would be far from reassured by this.

Banks are really horrible institutions, at least in this country. They exist to make money, which they do on the backs of the poor who really can’t afford to be taken advantage of the way they are. I truly loathe the American banking system, and the idea that a bank would even metaphorically be watching out for my kid would not exactly be reassuring.


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