Lies Told About the Poor

Among the lies that you likely believe about the poor, and one that isn’t mentioned in this otherwise fine article, is that you aren’t one of them. I’m certainly not someone who considers himself poor by any means. I have a good home, I have some spending money, I have some comforts. On the other hand, I will earn less than $20,000 this year, and I’m carrying, at present, somewhere north of $40,000 in student loan debt. So I could make the argument that I am, yes, quite poor indeed.

Perhaps apropos of nothing, I happened to glimpse Australia’s unemployment rate today. It is currently 5.6%, which is much lower than ours, and that’s despite them having a minimum wage that’s about $15 US. But, you know, a high minimum wage that lifts people out of poverty kills jobs. *eye roll*


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