Health Insurance? Oh, Yes!

It is done. I have finally been able to get in and sign up for medical coverage through the website. It was a fairly trouble-free process overall, and I was pleased to see multiple plans available at various different price ranges. I had expected to go for a platinum-level plan, get everything that I needed to, and downgrade to bronze next year. But I didn’t need to do that. Instead I signed up for the “Health Net of Arizona, Inc. Health Net CommunityCare HMO Open Access Silver $30/$50/$2000” plan, which covers basically everything I need, has reasonable deductibles, and fairly inexpensive prescriptions. I also signed up for a “PLUS Family with EHB” dental plan, which seemed wise, as it has been several years since I last saw a dentist.

All told this will cost me less than $100 a month, and the coverage is better than what I was getting at my last job. The one downfall is that while it covers eye exams, it doesn’t seem to cover actual glasses, though I may have read it wrong. Given how expensive my prescription lenses tend to be, any coverage for them would be welcome, but even if I had to pay fully out-of-pocket for them, in the balance my coverage is still cheaper.

Now I’m not completely finished. I still have to go in and pay for the first month of service, and that won’t happen for a few days yet. But at least I know what I will pay, and I know that I will have coverage. Hooray!


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