An American Union? Sure, Why Not?

The concept of a unified North America is one that comes up time and again in the paranoid conspiracy literature. According to the PCTs and their ilk, the North American Union is coming any day now! In secret! For sinister reasons generally left unexplained! Rar!

Inherent in this concept is the idea that this would, of course, be a horribly bad thing. To me this begs the question: Why would this be a bad idea? Why not have a merger of, at least, the USA and Canada? We wouldn’t have to form one nation, though that might not be a bad idea, but why not at least do what the EU nations do? Why not have a completely open border between the USA and Canada?

We used to have an almost completely open border. It used to be that you just had to (maybe) show ID and you’d be allowed to cross. In the post-9/11 paranoia, however, you now have to have a passport. This is silly. Our two nations are the best of friends, and we need to have a completely open border.

I’d also suggest adopting other EU notions like, yes, a unified currency. Why not? Our dollar and their dollar trade at about the same level these days, and their economy is, frankly, a bit more sound than ours is. Why not use the same money? It would make things so much easier. While we’re at it, why not allow Americans to freely live and work in Canada and vice versa?

This could start out with just the USA and Canada and then, like the EU, it could expand, and we could give other countries incentives to improve themselves so they could join. Consider how much the EU, and the carrot of membership, has helped Eastern Europe to improve. It’s still not at the same level as Western Europe, but is no doubt far better off than it was twenty years ago. Imagine something similar, especially with human rights issues, throughout Central and South America.

In the end, imagine that from pole to pole, one can travel without a passport, without changing currency, without any residency or travel restrictions, and know that you’re in a safe and secure place. That’s what we should aim for, and an NAU would help us a lot on that path.


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