Again With the Pope!

Pope Francis, a guy I’m liking so much I sent him a fan letter, is once again making headlines for doing something…well, a bit interesting. It seems that has recently been known to dress up as a standard priest, sneak out of the Vatican at night, and spend the hours of darkness helping the homeless and poor.

You ever look at someone and think, “This guy is too good to be true!”? I almost occasionally think that about Francis. Here’s a man who actually seems to live up to the standards that the Bible would have him live up to. Not only is he a humble man when he has nothing, but he remains a humble man when he’s basically offered what I’m going to refer to as all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. He remains humble, and refuses the trappings of wealth and power.

He is, in short, continuing to be someone I can greatly look up to and admire.

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