Uruguay Gets it Right

The South American nation of Uruguay, a country that has been leading the way in being a functional country for several years now, has taken a step no other country in the world has: outright legalization of marijuana.

About damn time.

As I’ve said in the past, I have zero interest in doing any drugs. Why would I? Reality is fine; I don’t need to fog my brain up with drugs in order to make it more interesting. If you really need that, then you’re doing reality wrong. But I recognize that there are those who disagree, and if someone really wants to sit back and get high, who the fuck cares? That’s their choice. Putting them in prison because it’s a choice I disagree with is bizarre and wrong.

So good luck to Uruguay. Most Americans favor at least some form of legalization now, so if you guys can do it right, maybe we can follow suit.


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