Good News, Everyone!

So my third attempt at passing Math 091 was apparently successful, though only just. Yes, I got a C-, which is considered passing. I get credit, and I get to go onto the next level, Math 120ish (it’s the same basic class with three different numbers; 120, 121 and 122). After that, the way is hopefully clear to finally transfer to ASU. Additionally, I passed my other two classes with Bs, which is quite excellent.

The interesting side effect of this is that technically I now have an associate’s degree. I haven’t actually filled out whatever paperwork I need to in order to get the degree, but I have all the credits needed. So I plan to have an official graduation from four years of community college come this May. True, it cost me essentially $35,000 in student loans to get what should have been a two year degree, but I’ll have it, and that fact can never be taken away. It should also help me, at least a little bit, to get into a better job.

So, yes, good news all around.

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One Response to “Good News, Everyone!”

  1. arthurthepanther Says:

    Congratulations, Badgero ^^ I’m glad to hear that I can start sharpening my ‘overqualified server’ repartee for when next we meet. In the mean time, I am fucking proud of you, man.

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