Sic Transit Peter O’Toole – 1932 – 2013


Peter O’Toole, one great lions of stage and screen has died at the age of 81. He was one the great actors of the last couple of generations, noted mostly for his starring appearance as the title character in Lawrence of Arabia.

O’Toole was born in Ireland, and relocated to England not long thereafter. He was evacuated form London during World War II, and spent several years at a Catholic school where, among other things he was forced to be right-handed rather than left. Eventually he entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and found his true calling as an actor.

O’Toole is known mostly, but not entirely, for his role as Lawrence. He also is notable for receiving Academy Award nominations for playing the same character in two different movies, and for never actually receiving a “real” award despite several nominations. He was eventually given that most rarest of awards: an honorary Oscar. He has also won several other awards for his acting.

O’Toole was one of those actors who generally made great choices in roles, but he did also appear as Tiberius in the rather horrible movie Caligula and was, along with several other actors who should have known better, also in the movie King Ralph. Still, no matter what the role, he always did an excellent job whenever he was on screen.

Peter O’Toole’s contributions to stage and screen are truly legendary and he will be very much missed by film fans worldwide.


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