At Least One More Down, and Maybe Two

Yesterday New Mexico joined the ever-growing club of states where gay marriage is now legal. Today, however involuntarily, Utah seems to have also been dragged into it. A judge overturned the state’s ban on gay marriage, thus clearing the way.

Now there’s some legal fallout to sort through, here, and the state’s AG has asked for an emergency stay of the ruling, so we shall see what happens. Apparently at least a few couples have already gotten gay-married, though, so I’m not sure how they’re going to handle that.

Meantime, this leaves my state, Arizona, increasingly isolated. To the south is Mexico, and gay marriage is legal in several places there. To the west, we have California, with gay marriage. New Mexico is to our east, and Utah to the north. So, yes, the state I live in is less progressive than fucking Mexico. Unreal.

Still, I’m sure we’ll have it soon, if not soon enough. Know hope.


2 Responses to “At Least One More Down, and Maybe Two”

  1. arthurthepanther Says:

    Living in Arizona? I think the phrase you’re looking for is not ‘Know Hope’ but rather ‘Embrace The Suck’.
    Condolences from Washington ^^

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