Big Finish Review – The November Titles

(normally I publish my Big Finish reviews on WhatCulture, but due to time considerations, this month we get it at the blog! Enjoy!)

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Well, here we are. It’s a little late in the month, but I got bogged down with finals. Still, we can now discuss November’s Big Finish audio releases, and what a set there is! We have the very first adventure of the Doctor and Susan, the origins of the Ice Warriors, and lots of other things, including the Seventh Doctor and Ace reuniting with the Counter Measures squad! Let’s get started!

The Companion Chronicles 8.05 – “The Beginning”

When the First Doctor and his grand-daughter Susan escape through the cloisters of Gallifrey to an old Type 40 Time Travel capsule, little do they realize the adventures that lie ahead… And little do they know, as the TARDIS dematerializes and they leave their home world behind, there is someone else aboard the ship. He is Quadrigger Stoyn, and he is very unhappy…

It’s a question many of us have wondered. What did the Doctor and Susan leave Gallifrey? What reason did they have to give up an apparently comfortable, if somewhat stale, life, and head out into the universe? This story does not answer that question, but it gets as close as we’re likely to get and it shows us what the first trip in the TARDIS was like. Best of all, it ties in nicely with “The Name of the Doctor”, and gives us all sorts of lovely little continuity nods to the old and new series.

As for the story itself, it’s quite good. Stoyn is an interesting character, and shows what a “failed” companion can be like. He’s basically just an ordinary schlub who is put into a bad situation that he personally is unable to deal with. Molloy really gives the guy some humanity, and shows that he’s a better actor than you might think if you’d only ever seen him as Davros.

Overall, I can really recommend this story. It helps a great deal if you’re a fan of the First Doctor’s era, but even if you haven’t really had much exposure to the character or his stories, I think this is a good listen. Plus it sets up a series, so that helps.


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