My Thoughts on “The Time of the Doctor”

So that’s that, then. No more Matt Smith. Sic transit Undecimus Doctorem. Welcome to the era of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.

I enjoyed last night’s story much more than I had expected to. I’m generally leery of the Christmas specials, and Moffat’s first one was one of the worst. Happily he managed to rein in at least some of his excesses this time and gave us a great little story about the Doctor, Clara and a town called Christmas.

There wasn’t much that I disliked about this story, though the old age makeup for Matt Smith was a bit “meh”. That’s usually the case with old age makeup, though, so I don’t let it worry me too much. It was also kind of interesting to see the Doctor spending several centuries in one place. That’s only ever happened in the audios before. I do hope there’s at least some reference to this in the future, since I’m sure he’s now spent more time on Trenzalore than he has on Earth or Gallifrey.

I must also say that I’m quite pleased with the way the regeneration limit was handled. I think it’s a bit iffy to say that the whole “hand” thing counted as a regeneration, but I can understand the logic and accept it. I also think it was resolved in a very acceptable way.

Beyond that…I have no real thoughts. I’m pleased. Moffat has had a nice string of wins lately. Let’s hope that continues come August. Until, then…

Fuckity hi!

Fuckity hi!


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