Clemency for Snowden? Fuck and No.

I was kind of on the fence about the idea of giving the coward Edward Snowden clemency, as the New York Times suggested recently. On the one hand, I think he’s done some good with his leaks, and certainly has sparked a long-overdue conversation. On the other hand, he’s refused to come back and face the courts and stand up for himself. He’s made the story more about him than anything else, and I have basically zero respect for the guy.

I’m not the only one. Fred Kaplan, writing for Slate, very neatly captures my feelings about Snowden at this point. You can read his article here. Money quote:

…[I]t may be telling that Snowden did not release—or at least the recipients of his cache haven’t yet published—any documents detailing the cyber-operations of any other countries, especially Russia or China, even though he would have had access to the NSA’s after-action reports on the hundreds or thousands of hacking campaigns that they too have mounted over the years.

I still say Snowden is a coward and seems to be more out for personal glory rather than anything else. If I’m wrong, let him come forward and prove it. Otherwise, he can basically fuck off.


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