A Minor Bit of News

I have been, for the last two years or so, writing reviews of Big Finish audios, and writing about Doctor Who in general, for WhatCulture.com. Those reviews have been fun to write, but there’s always been issues with them from an editorial standpoint, and they never quite got the audience I’d hoped for them to get.

Starting this week, I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be writing my Big Finish reviews for a new venue; Doctor Who Worldwide. I will also be publishing interviews with various Doctor Who people, and may be writing other Who related articles for the site.

Now I’m not leaving WhatCulture. No, far from it. I plan to continue to write for them. I’ve enjoyed writing for them in the past, and I expect to continue to do so. But I’ll also have this new place to post my reviews, and that’s no bad thing!


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