My Slight Moment of Slight Fame

I’ve mentioned Andrew Sullivan’s site The Dish a few times. He’s an excellent writer and I really enjoying reading him, even though he does occasionally go into drama queen mode.

Sully runs a “contest” every week where people send in “views” from “windows”. It’s known as the “View from Your Window Contest”. Basically the goal is to look at a given picture and figure out exactly what window in the world it was taken from. And, yes, people can and do get it down to the exact window way more often than not.

They also run just general “View from Your Window” articles, where it’s just a nice picture someone took. When I was at Dark Con a couple weeks ago, I took a nice pic and sent it in. To my surprise, they used it for the Window Contest picture this week! I didn’t want to say anything about it until today, when the results were announced. So go take a look at my pic, and go take a look at the article! And Gini, you just got a few thousand more eyes on your name! 😉

Click to embiggen!

Click to embiggen!


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