One Less Drug in the Store


CVS has announced they are going to stop selling tobacco products in their roughly 7,600 stores nationwide. They are, instead, going to focus much more on providing health care to their customers. Shades of Don Draper, perhaps.

Not surprisingly, I think this is a dandy idea. It has always been a bit weird to see places selling pharmaceutical drugs and also cigarettes. It’s especially odd that when I go into their stores, I often see the smoking-cessation products right next to the cigarettes.

I’ve heard some people whining about how now CVS needs to stop selling soda and sugary snacks, because they’re so evil, etc, etc. I roll my eyes at that. But I would like to see them not selling alcohol anymore. Still, that’s a minor interest on my part. Cigarettes are far, far worse than sugary snacks, sodas or alcohol, so at least having these horrible little death-sticks go away is progress enough.

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