My Olympic Prediction

The 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, are a thing. Yes, go, America, rah, rah, etc. It should be a nice spectacle.

Of course there are people who are bitching about several things, like “Why are we having an Olympics when people are still going hungry?!” or “Aren’t the Winter Olympics racist?!”. Most popular among the whining are people who are complaining about the hotels not being finished (as though…what? We expect the Russian government to force private businesses to force them to be completed? Aren’t we against that sort of thing?), and of course the fears of terrorism.

Here is my prediction of what is going to happen with regards to these two things. In a few weeks, when the games are over, we will have all pretty much forgotten the hotel thing. It will relegated to a bit of trivia and that’s about it. As far as terrorism goes, sure, there could be some terrorist attacks. It would be very stupid of them to do so, but terrorists aren’t known for being smart. My guess, however, is that there won’t be any attacks. If the Russians have proven anything over the years, it is that they are willing to be quite brutal in oppressing would-be attackers.

But I could be wrong! If I am, and there is a terrorist attack, then the take-away is…what? We had one at the Atlanta Games in 1996. Does that mean that the games were a failure, or that we were a failure as a host country? Of course not. So if the worst happens in Russia, expect a lot of hand-wringing and analysis, but don’t take it too seriously, because, after all, the most recent Olympic terrorist attack was in America.


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