Seriously, What the Fuck is the Matter With Kansas?!

Fuck you, Kansas.

Fuck you, Kansas.

I’d say “word fail me”, but I plan to type nearly 500 words this, so obviously they had better not fail me. Yes, Kansas has truly gone beyond the Pale today and done something very bizarre, very immoral, and I am almost 100% certain, very illegal. They have passed a new law saying that discrimination against gay couples is perfectly legal. You can deny them food, housing, clothes, whatever. If you are a person who runs a business, but your personal religious beliefs exist in conflict with gay marriage, you can refuse service to gay couples.

It goes beyond that. Apparently if you’re a hospital administrator, you can refuse to admit people who are in gay relationships. If you’re a cop, you can refuse to help them. Anything that runs under the auspices of the Kansas government can refuse to provide services to gay couples, or even people they suspect might, at some point, be in a gay relationship. All of this is in the name of some bullshit “religious liberty” concept that holds that someone’s right to believe in their god in their way trumps basically everything else in modern civil society.

What a crock.

It does not in any way shape or form seriously impinge on someone’s religious freedom to tell them that their restaurant can’t refuse service to a gay couple. It does not impinge upon their religious freedoms any more than it does to say they can’t refuse service to black people or Jews. If someone chooses to take part in the wider society by opening a business, being a police officer or running a hospital, that person cannot then say, “I’ll do it, as long as I don’t have to wait on the gays!”

I mean, what the fuck? If you think this is a good, sound, reasonable law, substitute the word “black” or “Jew” or the words “mixed-race marriages” for “gay” and “gay marriages” through out this and tell me then it’s acceptable. And if you think it is, then fuck you, you un-American, freedom-hating asshole.

This is exactly the kind of bullshit that makes people like me truly loathe religion, and why I speak out against it whenever I can. I honestly wouldn’t mind (as much), if people were simply lying to themselves about the nature of the universe in their own homes. But to bring it out in public, and give it the force of law, that’s truly wrong.

If you want to live in a land where you can have your bigoted, intolerant attitudes backed up with the force of law, may I suggest you go live in a place like Uganda, or Russia? I suspect either of those countries would be more your speed. Either way, stop trying to ruin my country with your fucked-up ideas.


5 Responses to “Seriously, What the Fuck is the Matter With Kansas?!”

  1. Chris Says:

    So I mis-understood a bit yesterday. This is not law yet. It may be at some point, but for now, it has only passed the Kansas House. Hopefully the remaining processes will kill it dead.

  2. arthurthepanther Says:

    If nothing else, even if this bill passed into law, it would most certainly be challenged in court. And even if the courts in the state of Kansas were so provincial, hidebound and essentially biased as to allow it to stand, it would never pass the muster of a Supreme Court hearing.

    I honestly can’t believe I’m saying this, but – and hear me out – this may actually be a good thing for gay civil rights. The public has been swinging slowly in our direction since the late eighties, more and more as time has gone by. The reactionary holdouts have been steadily losing ground, and this has the feel of a last-gasp hail mary to leave an imprimatur of the bigoted, self-righteous beliefs that they hold so dear, and which are slowly but surely dying out, on something, somewhere.

    Given the hoi polloi’s approval of our side in the fight, and given that the supreme court has fairly consistently struck down discriminatory laws (like the blue laws against homosexual sex acts) but not interfered to enshrine an anti-discrimination standard, this may be the perfect storm which gives us just what we need to finally be equal in the law.

    I can certainly foresee a situation where in the act of striking down a clearly discriminatory law, the Supreme Court by default and as a fait accompli creates a legal precedent requiring all similar such laws be abolished; at best, it might accidentally enshrine in law protection for alternative sexualities from discrimination in the same fields as are protected categories for race, creed, disability, and so on.

    I can’t say I like the fact that enough people hate me for what I do in my bedroom to make a law like this pass first muster with a legislative body; But I can hope that the rest of the world will give them the uppance to which they have wrongheadedly come.

  3. MyParentsWereMarried Says:

    The entire state is endemically brain damaged more than just this legislation. Google “fuckKansas” and this page is the top spot cause trying to drive across this rectangular toilet is the tour of mouthbreathers.
    The “large” cities Topeka and Overland Park are enclaves of cars without mufflers and bass retrofitted into the largest cluster of undiscovered Pontiac Fiero’s.
    The bigger mystery is how so many size 40 kids can manage to impregnate eachother in an 80’s style two seater.
    Tornado’s don’t really gravitate towards trailer parks, it is the underlying Fiero dispersed inside the trailer park being divinely smited.
    Renewing your membership to the club of holy requires gathering the scrap wood of the city library since the books were doomed to fuel the ritualistic burning of witches and evildoers.

    I could’ve moved to Kansas, but my parents were married.

  4. whiskeydence02 Says:

    It amazes me people still haven’t figured out that Kansas is about as psycho religious as it gets. These idiots here all think they are on a mission from god even though it is them that are nothing but lying bigots going around stealing, vandalizing, murdering with their drug addicted underage love slaves and I remember once in a bar guy walks up, said his ol lady said I went up there trying to hit on her and grab her ass. I told that stupid dick I hadn’t moved from that spot since I got in there and he even said his friends told him they didn’t know what she was going on about according to him. He said “See Im in a position, that’s my girl and I know how she is but I have to do some thing” I said “Yeah you need to find a new girl friend.” Just to scrape a little off the top of these morons mentalities over here and their meth headed ways. They initiate people when they move here. They lynch people all the time and if you’re new in any town in Kansas all it takes is you’re to short cause no one here has the balls to take on anyone there own size because they are nothing but pussies talking allot of shit acting like they are better then everyone else. And just a warning, if some one starts talking shit on anyone when you move to Kansas, say nothing in return because they WILL go back saying it was you talking shit so they don’t hear it from you first.

    Kansas is nothing but shit!

    • whiskeydence02 Says:

      And I’m sorry I forgot to mention. I am no Liberal by any means of the word but like I said, their mentality is they are on a mission from god and they are the most ungodliest people there are on the face of the planet. I’ve met people from all around the country living here and unless they act just like them, they all share the same opinion as me. And that can be taken to the bank.

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