Daylight Savings Time Again

For the rest of you in the USA, anyhow. We here in Arizona don’t participate, because reasons. I rather wish we would participate, since frankly it is a pain in the ass to re-calibrate all the shows on my DVR. For some reason, it always has trouble recording after the transition.

But anyhow, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we need to ditch daylight savings time. It’s a pointless relic of a war from a hundred years ago that barely did anything positive then. Nowadays it really is useless and more and more reports indicate it is bad. Bad for health, bad for productivity, and just bad all around. We all, as a nation, need to spring ahead and stay there. Once we’ve done that, it would be nice to break the country into only two time zones; east and west.

But while ideas like that make sense, we won’t do them, because we’re no longer a nation that embraces the difficult but useful.


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