Progress Against Polio

Incredibly good news out of India today where the polio virus has been eradicated. That’s over a billion people who are no longer at risk of catching one of the more unpleasant diseases out there.

This is the product of vaccination on a large scale, and it’s not just India. There’s very little polio left anywhere in the world. This disease, which one killed or maimed millions around the world, now exists in but a handful of crapsack countries, and even in those places, the number of people getting the virus has gone down. How far down? In 2013, a mere 385 people caught the “wild” version of the virus, with 60 getting it as a side-effect of the vaccination. So 425 people total around the world.

Let that sink in. I’m too young to remember when we finally eradicated smallpox, but this is about the same level of accomplishment. We’ve almost completely removed one of the great threats to human health, and if that isn’t a cause for celebration, I don’t know what is.

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One Response to “Progress Against Polio”

  1. arthurthepanther Says:

    *personally hammers one more nail into the coffin where Jenny McCarthy’s idiotic anti-vax crusade is resting* Crap, I think we’re gonna need some, I dont know, iron bars around this shit. We don’t want it coming back. *resumes hammering*

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