Trailer Review – Jupiter Ascending

So this is the trailer for the new movie from the guys (well, now a guy and a gal), who brought us The Matrix and its various sequels. Those movies, while deeply flawed and incredibly pretentious, were at least visually interesting and had a decent flow to them. Now we have another “hard” sci-fi film from them in the form of Jupiter Ascending. Let’s take a look.

A few thoughts. First, given that I basically know everything I know about the movie from the trailer, I must say that I’m pretty interested in seeing this. It does have a very interesting-looking visual style and, unlike many, many, many modern sci-fi films, at least this one doesn’t seem to take place in a dystopic future where everyone travels through their dictatorships by train. Second, the plot, from what I can tell, looks like an interesting take on a fairly cliche idea of a young princess orphaned in an alien place, blah, blah, blah. The idea that she’s somehow fighting for the ownership of Earth could be quite neat!

But then, lastly, there’s the one thing that makes me not want to see this movie: pretension. Just from the trailer, this looks like an incredibly pretentious movie. Notice all the tattoos, for example. Yes, I know this is part of the visual style these directors love, but it is something I really hated about The Matrix and this looks like more of the same.

Still…the trailer is interesting enough that I may want to see the movie. So we’ll see what the reviews are like as it gets closer.


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