Wherein I Make a Choice

I’ve been attending Phoenix College for almost four years now. I started in August of 2010. I’ve been going long enough to get a bachelor’s degree. I’ve accumulated about $35,000 in student loan debt, which isn’t too bad. And I should, in theory, actually have an associate’s degree.

And…I’m burned out. I don’t wanna play anymore. I have been struggling quite a lot with my courses during this semester and the previous one, and I’ve decided enough is enough. I am therefore going to take a year off from school. Once I’m done with this semester, regardless of the outcome, I won’t be going back to school until August of 2015. During the time off from school, I hope to find a job that leaves me as decently set-up financially as my last one did, and hopefully way better than the current job. That way, perhaps I can afford to go back to school under my own money, instead of borrowing it from future me (that guy’s a jerk, anyhow).

Is this a wise choice? We shall see. For now, though, it feels like the best one.


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