Heaven is for Real

No, it’s not. It’s just not. There’s no evidence what so ever that would indicate otherwise. As near as we can tell, the experience you have after death is the same one you have before conception. This hasn’t stopped Sony from making the following movie.

This movie is based off a book written by a minister about his son’s alleged trip to Heaven; something that happened when the four-year-old boy experienced some nasty problems during surgery. Now if I had a kid who came out of intense surgery talking about strange visions, we’d sit down and have a chat about the way the brain can behave and about hallucinations and dreams. As the kid got older, we could expand this discussion into one about brain chemistry and the reaction your brain has as the electrical signals get disrupted. We’d handle this rationally, and not treat it as though the kid actually experienced Heaven, because that would just be stupid.

But I’m not a minister who is likely, at least on a sub-conscious level, to be desperate for anything that validates what I say I believe. In a case like that, it’s quite likely that someone would very believe, with token reluctance, the story that their child weaves. They’d likely encourage that child, and the child, eager to please, would provide ever more detailed information as time went by.

That’s what I think happened here. I’ll be generous enough to assume this man isn’t engaged in intentional fraud. I’ll assume that this little hiccup in his life, which has likely made him and his family quite a bit of money, was his actual, sincere interpretation of what happened. But, man, it’s clearly some grade-A bullshit. I mean, even if I were a believer, I wouldn’t believe in near death experiences, because they wouldn’t make sense. They would imply that God is imperfect enough to let people almost die, but not quite, and get as far as the afterlife before saying, “Whoops,” and I don’t think that really holds up theologically.

It doesn’t help that this movie looks like the worst bit of treacle nonsense. I’ve worked in it a few times, and, ugh, it looks even worse than the trailer led me to believe. But, hey, I’m not in the target audience for this because, you know, I still have active brain cells.


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