A Change for Star Wars

Lucasfilm announced today that they’re establishing a new official canon for the Star Wars universe, and that canon doesn’t include the expanded universe items. This means classic novels like Heir to the Empire and video games, like Shadows of the Empire are no longer going to “count”. Now they say that this doesn’t mean the EU is going away. They say they’re going keep little elements here and there, which is fine, I guess.

But I’m kind of confused. I was always under the impression that the main canon was comprised of the movies, and only the movies. I assumed all the spin-offs had their own continuities, and I was fine with that. Now I learn that the canon is the movies, plus the Clone Wars tv series and that, basically, all the spin-offs have their own continuities. So I’m not entirely clear as to why this announcement had to be made.

I suppose Lucasfilm is simply clearing the decks for the upcoming seventh movie, now only a bit more than a year-and-a-half away. Plus they’ve got a new animated series coming up on one of the Disney channels. So I guess they’re getting all their ducks in a row.

Still…to me this changes basically nothing. What about for other fans out there?


One Response to “A Change for Star Wars

  1. Jessie Says:

    All of the books I read were complete crap so that’s perfectly okay with me. The Clone Wars series (the newer one; old one was pretty damn amazing) is also not very good but I’m okay with it becoming official canon because I don’t care what’s official canon and it doesn’t change my headcanon one bit. 😀

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