Really, Sarah?

We all know Sarah Palin is a fucking lunatic who doesn’t understand…well, a lot of things. Let’s focus on two. She doesn’t understand justice as it is practiced in the United States, and clearly she doesn’t understand the religion she claims to believe in. Why do I say this? Because she said this:

“Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

Well, super. First off, waterboarding is torture. We killed Japanese officers after World War II because they used it on our soldiers. The Gestapo were fans, too. So Sarah Palin is on the same side of history as the Nazis. And, no, this isn’t a Godwin case; it is, in fact, a valid comparison. Also, while not specified by her, since I doubt she would understand the distinction, when the US tortured people by using waterboarding (those last eight words were rather hard for me to type, it must be said), we used it not on people who had been convicted of terrorist acts, but simply on suspects. I’m sure Palin and her crowd don’t care.

Second, the baptism comment. Now, look, I’m not Christian. Never have been, never will be. But even I understand the symbolism behind baptism and its importance in Christian mythology. The idea that baptism, which is one of the most sacred rights to almost every Christian throughout history, is something that should be used as a form of torture is something that should anger and piss off basically every Christian out there.

But Palin isn’t a Christian, not really. She’s what Andrew Sullivan likes to call a Christianist, which I think is a pretty accurate description. She also clearly isn’t a true American, because no true American would stand for the idea of our nation being a nation of torture. Yes, I’m basically describing everyone who supports our country torturing people as unpatriotic garbage.

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