A Killing, But Not an Execution

Dead of a heart attack! That'll learn him!

Dead of a heart attack! That’ll learn him!

So is it an execution when the state sets out to murder someone through a drug overdose, but that person instead, due to all the pain and agony of the failed overdose attempt, instead dies of a heart attack? Don’t ask me; ask the state of Oklahoma, where this just happened.

Basically some poor schmuck was about to be killed by the state as a way of punishing him for killing someone. But Oklahoma is testing out a new set of drugs for this, and “hilariously”, those drugs apparently failed to do the job. Instead of dying quietly, the guy writhed in agony and eventually died from a heart attack. Whoops.

Well, he’s dead, and I suppose society is now safer, right? Because, you know, this morning he was being held in a virtually escape-proof cell where he couldn’t kill anyone, and now he’s dead and can’t kill anyone. So…justice? Yay?


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