Toy Review – LEGO Simpsons House (71006)


Aaaaah…The Simpsons! Twenty-five plus years of fairly amusing television that can always be relied upon to produce, at least, a chuckle or two. Often long, loud laughter. Now after years of video games, DVDs, movies and toys, the Simpson family has finally moved into the realm of LEGO. It’s not a surprise, really. What TV show has people with bright yellow skin? The Simpsons. What toy line features people with bright yellow skin? LEGO. So the only surprise at all was that it took so long for an arrangement to happen. And now that it has happened, what’s the result?

In a nutshell, it’s pretty darn good. The Simpson family house itself is a pretty complex build, but one that a friend of mine and I were able to finish within a few hours. There’re over 2,500 pieces, and I’m going to say that about 2,300+ of those are the house itself. It’s very involved, and not entirely TV show accurate (the stairs are on the wrong side, the rooms are very small, etc), but it looks great, and it holds the family and their items fairly well.

I also really like the items the family gets. Not just the things like the couch and a kitchen table, but they also get a piano, and accessories for every bedroom. It also may be the first product to feature an official LEGO toilet.

Then there’s the car. I love the car. The detail on it is superb. There’s a great little antenna, mirrors, etc. They even manage to use bricks to make the left front area look crumpled, as it is on TV. That’s a pretty major accomplishment! The car also fits neatly into the garage with plenty of room for the various bits of garage things, many of which have “PROPERTY OF NED FLANDERS” stamped onto them.

Speaking of Flanders, he’s here, in BBQ cookout form. You also get Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie. The figures are all very well-done, with nice detailing, though I am, to be honest, a bit iffy on the head-sculpts. I kind of liked what they did on the LEGO Simpsons episode a bit more. But I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I Would also have preferred the characters to be a bit more generic and just wearing their standard-issue outfits. The aprons on Marge and Fladers are ok, and the tie on Homer is alright, but for this set, the generics would have been nicer.

That minor complaint aside, this really is a stupendous set. The house it great, if very complex. The figures are wonderful, and the car is a delight. You might balk at the price, but it works out to be significantly less than ten cents per piece, and that tends to be the average “good” price for a LEGO set. If you like LEGO, and why wouldn’t you?, and if you like The Simpsons, and why wouldn’t you?, you’ll love this great little Blocko-…er…LEGO…set!

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