Good News, Everyone!

I logged into my school account today to check my grades. What I saw blew my mind. And made me very happy.

On the other hand, I just typed out an Upworthy headline, so I think suicide may be my only option.

Anyhow, here’s what I saw.

MAT 121
Intermediate Algebra
Standard Letter Grades

That, my dear friends, is the score in my math class. The last math class I will ever have to take in college. Math 121, done and done. Passed on my first try, even. It’s something I credit to my best friend, Rob, who helped me with the lessons, and my teacher, Gordon Curran, who did an excellent job with a less-than-excellent student.

So what’s next?

Well, I didn’t pass my computer sciences course, and I need that to graduate (and it’s the last one I need). So my earlier plan of stopping here for a while is not going to happen. Instead, if my financial aid comes through, I’ll attend classes this fall. I can get my computer sciences class done, and I can also retake two of the three classes I took a W in. I’ll also take a logic class, just for fun. Then I’ll skip spring and summer semesters next year and, hopefully, start at ASU in the fall of 2015, as I pretty much originally planned.

So…yay. All is well.


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