More Words and Phrases I Am Done With

Back in January, I published a list of words and phrases I never want to see nor hear ever again. Surprisingly, humanity hasn’t yet taken my advice to heart. Oh, well. Here we are again with even more words and phrases I am done with!

YOLO – I’m not sure what’s worse; the term itself or people bitching about it. It’s a term millennials use (we are told), that means “you only live once”, and seems to be used to justify doing all manner of stupid things. Now it’s worth noting that we have terms like carpe diem that mean basically the same thing, but if you use that, you’re not regarded as some asshat like you are if you use YOLO.

But as I hinted up above, I’ve never, even once, seen anyone actually use this phrase in real life to justify doing something stupid. Never. As near as I can tell, it’s a term that was coined by people mocking this sort of attitude and is never really used otherwise. The mocking is annoying. The theoretical way in which YOLO would be used is annoying. So let’s just, as a group, agree to stop using the term in any way and maybe it will go away.

First World Problems – The basic premise of “first world problems” can best be summed up by this video.

Ok, so that video is done fairly tongue-in-cheek, and to an extent, that’s the way most people use the phrase. It’s much like YOLO in that respect. But there are some people who use it in the same they use #blessed; so that they can pretend they’re grateful or concerned about something and therefore basically look good. People use it so they have an excuse to complain and bitch about whatever they like while also feigning understanding of life outside of the first world. Of course, people in the third world have the same problems we do and they live in shitty countries.

Enhanced interrogation – Or, as it’s known to the rest of the world and some of the American media, torture. Japanese military personnel used waterboarding against some of our soldiers during World War II. You know what happened to them? They were given trials and then murdered by the government. Why? Because they used a technique, waterboarding, that has historically been regarded as torture.

But apparently when the US government does it, it’s ok, and we don’t even want to call it torture, even though it totally is. The government uses the phrase “enhanced interrogation”. Bully for them. That’s no reason for the cowardly media to play along.

Rape culture – In the broad, this is a term to describe a culture that’s dismissive of rape, or gives tacit approval to it. The concept isn’t a horrible one, and it is certainly worth discussing. The term “rape culture”, however, is a massive conversation-ender. Most people would say, “I don’t commit rape. I never have, I never will. This therefore doesn’t apply to me.”

Rape survivor – This is a little phrase that’s designed to empower people after they get raped. Somehow by calling them a “survivor” instead of a “victim”, they’re supposed to be made to feel better. But it’s kind of bullshit. Being raped is pretty much never actually fatal. The act, and the aftermath, especially in societies that really have what we might call “rape culture”, can lead to things like suicide. But the actual act isn’t deadly.

This is another one of those things that, sure, people in recovery or therapy or whatever can use all they want, but that’s no reason for the rest of us to play along.

“Are you afraid of a little hard work?” – Afraid of it? No, I just don’t like it. The problem here is self-evident.

“People” when referring to the singular – As in “she’s good people” or “I am everyday people”. No. Just…no. “People” is the plural. “Person” is the singular. “People”, when referring to a person, is pretentious.

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