Equality on the Move

In the last few days, four states have had judges say that, no, not liking gay marriage isn’t sufficient reason to make it illegal. Let’s check this helpful map from Wikipedia.


Please note that before posting, I hit F5, just in case something had changed. Anyhow, the blue states are states where same-sex marriage is now legal. The ones with red and yellow stripes have had their anti-gay marriage laws overturned, but the courts put actual enforcement on hold until the various circuit courts can hear appeals, which is somewhat sensible. So for those keeping track, that’s 19 states, with about 43% of the US population, where gay marriage is legal and happening. Another seven states, with about 18% more of the US population, will have it once the courts get things sorted out.

So to the anti-gay marriage crowd, I have to ask…when do you give up? When do you surrender and take your place on the right side of history? Come on. We’re waiting.


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