A Job Hunting Update

I’m continuing to look for work. My resume has been posted up on Craigslist, which has yielded exactly two offers for employment. One seemed fairly sincere, but the would-be employer insisted on knowing my age and gender, claiming both were relevant to the project (which was research for a humor book). If those weren’t enough problems to make me hesitate, it also involved a two+ hour commute. The second one…

The second one came from someone who said they were looking to hire someone to handle payroll for a small company. They said that “payroll experience is imperative”. I wrote back saying thanks, but that I lacked such experience. I suggested I could be trained, however.

I then got back an email which said that, no, experience wasn’t necessary. All that I needed to do was buy some check blanks and envelopes, and have a computer with a laser printer. The would-be employer was hearing impaired, and would communicate via texting and the like. This all started sounding a bit off, so I ignored the conversation from then on.

Then, after a friend suggested this might be a scam, I did a little search. Lo and behold, look what I came up with. Yes, it’s a scam. I’m extremely glad I didn’t fall for it.

I continue with my job hunting, but with a renewed sense of caution. Hopefully, I’ll find something soon!

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