Dear Film Makers…

Please stop perpetrating various myths. You do this constantly, and it’s very annoying. It’s often justified by the words “it looks cool”, and that works to some extent, provided that your audience doesn’t know that what you’re showing is a myth.

For example: when someone gets shot with a gun, especially a pistol, they don’t go flying backwards twenty feet. This doesn’t even happen with a shotgun. This pops up frequently in many movies and TV shows, and it always takes me out of the moment when it does. An especially bad example is the otherwise excellent movie L.A. Confidential. In that movie there’s a pivotal gunfight, during which a man is shot by a shotgun blast and goes flying out a window. No. Just no.

Another great example? Check this trailer.

Let me answer a question the movie asks. “What happens when she reaches 100%?” Then she’ll be like every other person on the planet. Yes, the old “humans only use 10% of their brains” thing is a total myth, and was debunked a very long time ago. We don’t use 100% of our brains at all times every day, because when we do, that’s known as a seizure. But evolution isn’t such a clumsy process as to give us something that big and that energy-intensive without it being very useful.

Oh, and on a side note, good luck learning to write Chinese in an hour no matter what your brain capacity is. Even native Chinese speakers have a tough time reading all the characters, and thus take dictionaries around with them. Remember, “Chinese” refers to a bunch of languages, which are often very different from each other, but which use the same characters. It’s like if the English word “house” and the French word “maison” were both depicted with a picture of a private dwelling.

I find this one way more annoying than the gun thing, but both irritate me. So, please, stop. Thanks!


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